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>Things on the Horizon

April 25, 2011

>Hello friends!  Busy times here, with lots coming up.  First of all, I’m in process of setting up a new blog.  Hang on now; I’m still keeping this one.  I had meant for this to be a shop blog, but it got out of control with reports of other endeavors.  I’m feeling a bit scattered here, so I decided to change things up.  It pleases me to announce that this will go back to being a shop blog, and a different account of our lives will be at, which is not really even set up yet (so don’t go right now!). 

Second, Evermore got booked into our first farmers market of the year.  Its a little one on Tuesdays at the Village of Cross Keys.  There’s an article in the Examiner on it here.  We still have quite a few applications out and things in the works.  We are also making plans to go back to our yearly market in Ocean Grove, NJ.  Such a busy summer already!

I’ve been laying low this past week, trying to get things done around the apartment and enjoying the stormy weather we have been having.  My office got rearranged and its once again a joy to be in here.  Maybe more blog times now?  🙂

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