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Belmar Farmer's Market 2010

Tiffaney at the Belmar Farmers Market - Summer 2010

This Summer we set up shop at the Belmar Farmers Market in Belmar, NJ.  Its a fabulous little beach town, and all Summer long we had a plaza full of sunbathers and surfers and kayakers and just about everyone else you can imagine.  We had a wonderful time talking to customers and fellow vendors about Evermore, and we were lucky enough to get some local businesses interested in our products as well.  There were so many other fabulous vendors with organic produce, teas, gluten free foods, shrimp, and much more.  Be sure to visit next June!


Ocean Grove Craft Fair

Sabrina, Tiffaney and Ben at Ocean Grove

The Ocean Grove Craft Fair is our biggest event of the season.  This year our friend Sabrina stopped by our booth to help us out and cheer us on.  We had such a great time, both talking to folks and visiting other booths.  Such talent!  We can’t wait to go back next year.


We have no new events scheduled as of now but check back often, as we might be adding a few dates before the season is over.

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