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From our weekend in Boston

A black&white from a recent trip to Boston

We met in Los Angeles. Although we came from different worlds, we were able to bond over the basic philosophy of living simply and in harmony with nature. Both of us are musicians, proficient in complementary aspects of the craft. There are many things we do not agree on but when life shakes us up (as it has been known to do) we rally around each other and do our best to create peace and beauty wherever we are.

We both take part in the Evermore lifestyle. Our skill sets couldn’t be any different, but what a joy this is! We bring our individual talents to the table, all of which this business needs in order to thrive. But most importantly, everyday we learn something new from each other.

Both Ben and I both dearly love animals. Whenever we can we offer our home as refuge for homeless pets. Naturally, a portion of the money we earn through Evermore goes to caring for our animals, as well as those in temporary shelter.

Thank you for reading our story. Please see our “About Evermore” page to learn more about our business.

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