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Why Handmade?

We are always talking to folks about the benefits of buying handmade goods. You may not realize it if you haven’t taken the opportunity to do so, but supporting the handmade industry not only helps you, but helps small businesses, communities and families.

Way back when, we sold our wares on Etsy. In fact, we signed up the year it was launched and have one of the first 200 shops created. Though we don’t sell there anymore, we still like to check in every once in awhile on the forums to keep connected to the handmade community. I recently put this question to them and got some great responses. You ask, “why handmade?” and I will let the community answer you.

I love buying handmade because I like supporting the small businesswoman/man. I also like getting a unique product that I won’t find on the department store shelf. kittyd

I like to buy handmade because it helps people and not big coorperations. Its makes me feel good that I know exactly where the money I am spending is going. I also like knowing that it helps a lot of moms be able to stay home with their children. Also, I have found that the handmade items I have bought have been much more well made.SnazzyStraps

I buy handmade because I value the time, effort, and quality that handmade products represent. Why buy a piece of jewelry or a print that everyone else can also have? It’s great finding something unique. seddy5 and her baking blog

Soap is better, jewelery is better, everything I’ve bought handmade has been more unique and better… plus I’ve made a connection with a real person… not just handed over my hard earned money to a faceless corporation. 42things

Buying handmade is supporting someone’s passion, hopes, and dreams. That’s just amazing to me! oralgasm

Buy hand made is great because you’re supporting people that need to making a living, not people that are already millionaires. Handmade sellers also care a lot about their customers and making sure they are happy. They actually form relationships with their customers. And of course, you get something made with love, not by a machine. BrainStormCreations

I buy handmade because someone is personally hand-crafting that item, and is a lot more likely to take care of the details than a factory-assemblyperson or someone just mindlessly gluing/sewing thing on. For instance, I buy my kids clothes at Target, they’ll unfailingly fail within a few months. My daughter has two skirts and a shirt I got from Etsy sellers, has had them for 3+ years, and not ONCE have they frayed or fallen apart. They’re just that much more well made. SmallShinyObjects

Typically handmade items are quality items that stand the test of time and being washed. I also love the uniqueness of handmade items. I also enjoy supporting people who are doing what they love. The item arrives drenched in positive energy! 🙂

Buying handmade is a wonderful way to support artists and continue many crafts and traditions that could easily be lost to mass production techniques. HiGirls

I prefer to buy handmade because I know it’s coming from someone who really loves what they are doing and is not just out to make a quick buck. I know they will take the time to use the good quality materials that I prefer to purchase. TheJoysofJess

This is where the ideas for the stuff you find on the high street originate. Buy it from a small independent maker here and be assured of a unique well made product, or wait six months and buy a cheap mass production copy from a retail park. I know which I prefer. UtopiaUF

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